Recipients of the  Fall 2020 Small Grants (Round 2)

The Board of the Northampton Education Foundation approved funding for the following 2 grants, for a total of $3575 for the Fall 2020-2 cycle.

After cancelling the Small Grants to Teachers spring cycle in response to the abrupt move to online learning, NEF approached the fall 2020 cycle with a desire to make it easier for teachers to ask for what they need to make the 2020-21 school year creative and engaging. We moved to two rounds of fall grant applications, one in September and one in October. In addition to our usual grant criteria, we encouraged proposals that responded to our current moment, addressing equity in educational content and access, and racial and social justice, or responding to the current learning situation, whether online or social distance learning in the classroom, or a hybrid of the two.

Even during this period of remote learning, the Northampton Public School teachers and staff have created innovative programs to enhance learning and strengthen community connections. We reported the first round of grants last month and are proud to announce the second round today:

Critical Support to Preschool Remote Learning
All preschool students
Laura Frogameni, Rachel Matteis
This project will create weekly packets of materials for each preschooler household in NPS Virtual Preschool. Packets of art supplies, blocks, play figures, and paper dolls will give concrete materials essential to sensory based learning and ensure that all families have the materials their children need to learn and grow.

Walking Trail                                                                                               
Ryan Road School
Vanessa Keillor, Rebecca Minton
This project encourages and rewards walking by students, staff, and community members.  Building on the existing recess walking program, the current walking trail will be clearly marked for distance and include information on animal speeds, what’s seen from various points on the trail, and math equivalent lengths.

Grants approved in September 2020, announced last month

Empowering Youth: How to Be an Anti-Racist
Jackson Street School

Lindy Hop Classes
Northampton High School

Remote Concert Series
Northampton High School

The Viking Runestone
Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

Small Grants Deadline for Spring 2018

The deadline to apply for a Small Grant is Tuesday October 16th 2018.

View the Small Grant Application here.

The Northampton Education Foundation awards grants twice a year to encourage the development of creative and innovative teaching and learning initiatives for the Northampton Public Schools consistent with the district’s goals. Through the grant program, we support the preparation of new instructional materials, methods, and innovative teaching programs that are introduced into a classroom. We also fund extracurricular initiatives that are intended to enhance student learning. Since the grant program was initiated in 1991, dozens of projects have received funding. These projects have been proposed by teachers and administrators, often in collaboration with parents, community members, and local organizations. For summaries of projects undertaken since June, 2000, see NEF-Funded Projects.