Spring Showcase 2017 – NEF Video

This is what the Northampton Education Foundation (NEF) is all about. Making a REAL difference in our community and public schools!

As part of our Spring Showcase this year we met some of the amazing people in our public schools using funds from NEF grants. Listen as they share their experiences.

Special thanks to the NHS Technology Department for filming and editing this piece!

Thanks our Wonderful Community for a great 2017 Valley Gives Day!

The Northampton Education Foundation
Thanks our Wonderful Community for a great Valley Gives Day!

NEF could not do it without your support – and we are enormously grateful to all of you who donated on Valley Gives Day.

Not only did you make this NEF’s best Valley Gives Day to date,

but your generosity allowed us to win additional prize money.

Between your donations, matches, prizes, and of course, our very generous anonymous donors,

NEF received funds totaling over $40,000.


In just 24 hours, our community came together to generate more money for our programs, our schools, our students.

You just made a tremendous difference – Thank you!

2016 NEF Fall Newsletter