Spring 2017 Small Grants Awarded

NEF Small Grants to Teachers

Spring 2017

The Board of the Northampton Education Foundation approved funding of $15,967 to 8 applicants for the Spring 2017 cycle.

S17-1  Multi-media PE Curriculum, Y1   BSS                                                     $1772

Craig Murdock and Jen Dieringer

This grant supports creating a new curriculum for physical education (PE) classes by incorporating technology and media into the PE “classroom.” The curriculum will do three things: provide improved data for teacher assessment and grading; enhance PE instruction, particularly for students with learning and language challenges and spectrum disorders; and increase student motivation to focus on their fitness and health, the ultimate overarching goal of PE.


S17-2  Money Talks, Y1      JFK                                                                            $1095

Brett Costello

This financial literacy project will be open to all students and their parents or guardians.   During the 6 sessions they will engage in activities that promote new learning and reflection on managing their own money. Using activities and resources from www.themint.com participants will focus on earning, saving, spending, the cost of borrowing, and tracking money. This is a program for all parents and students who want to build a family culture of regular conversations about the best ways to use your resources to achieve your goals.


S17-3  Scholastic Arts and Writing, Y3               JFK                                         $2500

Holly Graham and Katie Schofield

This grant will continue Dr. Graham’s efforts to create a writer’s workshop community for JFK students, in particular, motivated 8th graders looking to challenge themselves as writers outside of the classroom. This after-school workshop will provide both coaching and peer support, as both 7th and 8th grade writing students learn to take writing to the publication level. Students will hone in on her/his personal craft of writing fiction, all the while deepening a commitment to learning to write for themselves, beyond the classroom writing expectations. Students will also participate in the Scholastic Arts and Writing project (www.artandwriting.org), hosted by the Boston Globe and the Museum of Fine Arts.


S17-4  School-wide Reading Event, Y1    JFK                                                      $700  

Diana Aijan, Pamela Gauthier

This school-wide project will invite students to read Chew On This, a highly interesting and engaging nonfiction book about the dangers of fast food and processed food. Students and faculty will participate in five book club meetings during lunch, engaging in activities and discussions about the book.                                                                    


S17-5  Shadows Beyond Borders, Y1      JFK Oceans 8 Team                            $3000

Ellen Kennedy, Steven Sanderson, Ian Cross

Indonesian puppeteer Putu Rekayasa and his ensemble The Brothers Čampur will work with students in the Oceans 8 team to create their own shadow-puppets based on traditional designs used in the Indonesian wayang, or shadow-puppet play.

Rekayasa and his two assistant puppeteers will work with students to perform the basic techniques of puppet manipulation and to discuss the cultural significance of wayang in Bali, Indonesia. Students will create their own puppets and plays and perform at the end of the day.


S17-6  Working to Eliminate Racism, Y1           K-12                                       $5000  

Deborah Keisch and the NPS Anti-Racism Affinity Group

The overall mission of the NPS Anti-Racism Affinity Group is to support our school community through ongoing development and implementation of intentionally anti-racist culture and practices. The core group is comprised of teachers, students, and parents across the district. This grant funds a district racism “audit”: – data gathering about community members’ experiences with race in the district, and conversation groups (educators, students, parents, families) to problem-solve, share stories, and continue planning for district-wide efforts to address racism in the school system.                                                                                                                                                                                             

S17-7  Technology at Home, Y1                NHS                                                     $1000           

Karrisa Fabin

This grant addresses the growing digital divide among students coming from different class backgrounds by providing Chromebooks which students will be able to checkout of the library. Ms. Fabin, the NHS librarian, will provide training in their use.


S17-8  Web Design Boot Camp, Y1           NHS                                                                $900

Jeromie Whalen

Students at NHS currently working with Mr. Whalen on the NPS website re-design will participate in a web design boot camp in August and then work with Mr. Whalen during the school year to help load new material provided by teachers and staff onto the redesigned NPS website.