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2022 Fall Newsletter

The 2022-2023 academic year is off to an exciting start! For the past two and a half pandemic years (like dog years, these seem seven times longer than they actually are), we have remained committed to being as dynamic and flexible as possible in order to fund as many amazing grants as possible.

2021 Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We wrote to you last year as we were entering our first pandemic winter and setting off into the great unknown. The NEF mission has always been to fund projects and programs that expand into educational opportunities, foster creativity, and enhance academic experiences in Northampton's public schools ...

2020-2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A year ago, we wrote to you with the exciting news that the Northampton Education Foundation had raise 75% of our goal toward a million dollars for our Endowment Grants ...

Spring 2020 Endowment Newsletter

The Northampton Education Foundation concluded our Endowment campaign on Dec. 31, 2019, topping our $1 million goal for a total of $1,064,597 gift and pledged to the NEF Endowment Fund ...

2019-2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Great news—thanks to your generous support, we have raised over 75% of our Endowment goal of a million dollars, ensuring that the NEF continues to empower educators and create meaningful impact in our schools ...

2018 Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Our Endowment Campaign is in full swing and we've raised over $500,000, more than half-way to our goal of $1,000,000. Thank you to Northampton and beyond! If you haven't already contributed, please consider donating to benefit Northampton Public Schools ...

2017 Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Last academic year the NEF ran a total of 8 Endowment Grants and 21 Small Grants. We funded a new afterschool enrichment program for Bridge Street elementary school, assisted in bringing Safe Passage and peer monitoring into the High School ...

2016 Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Northampton Education Foundation began 25 years ago with a great leap of faith and the goal to raise $10,000 annually. Last year, with your support, we raised over $58,000, and distributed $130,000 through our four programs ...


After cancelling the Small Grants to Teachers spring cycle in response to the abrupt move to online learning, NEF approached the fall 2020 cycle with a desire to make it easier for teachers to ask for what they need to make the 2020-21 school year creative and engaging.

Dear Northampton Community,

In the wake of George Floyd’s horrific murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officers and the ensuing upheaval, we at the Northampton Education Foundation want to reach out to you, our beloved community, and make it abundantly clear that our support for racial justice and equality—and our condemnation of those who oppose them—has not and will not ever waver.

To our community,

In these extraordinary times of school closings and the shuttering of many community centers and businesses, our daily life has been upended. Families are confronted with the need to facilitate their children’s education and care for family members (including those most at risk from the Covid-19 virus) all while working from home. Some community members are enduring the extreme stress of no work at all.

Thanks to you, the NEF Endowment Campaign exceeded our $1 million goal, with $1,056,782 gifted and pledged as of Dec. 31, 2019!

Additionally, our Legacy Circle grew by over $100,000 in promised bequests—further securing the future of this valuable resource.

Occasionally during the roller coaster that was 2018, Mo Willems pulled out his pen and markers as a way to absorb, reflect, and share his thoughts on the events of the day. Try Being Nice collects many of these drawings along with a few signs created for various protests Mo attended throughout the year.

Announcing the Thirteenth Annual Request for Proposals from the Northampton Education Foundation Endowment Fund

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, please join a global movement by giving locally.

Your donation to NEF on this day will help all Northampton public schools
– and will jump-start a season of philanthropy that strengthens our entire community.

Best-selling author and girl expert Rachel Simmons will share strategies to help girls move beyond impossible standards of success to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. Join us for a talk followed by a Q&A and book signing.

The deadline to apply for a Small Grant is Tuesday October 16th 2018.

This is what the Northampton Education Foundation (NEF) is all about. Making a REAL difference in our community and public schools!

The Northampton Education Foundation Thanks our Wonderful Community for a great Valley Gives Day!

NEF could not do it without your support – and we are enormously grateful to all of you who donated on Valley Gives Day.

It was wonderful to see so many of you last night at NEF’s 18th annual Adult Spelling Bee.  What a night – hundreds of people of all ages, thirty-eight creative teams of spellers, a range of challenging words from booboisie to vivisepulture – all to raise important funds so that NEF can say YES to more teachers.
What made last night even more exciting?  It was also the public launch of our campaign to raise $1 million for the NEF Endowment.  Thanks to the generosity of many lead donors, we are already halfway there!

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