Grant Disbursement Instructions

NEF Grant Disbursement Instructions

Please pay special attention to your grant’s approved budget. Actual expenses should approximate the budget approved for your grant and adhere to the line item descriptions in the left-hand column. If expenses exceed 10% of the approved budget for any budget line item (e.g. Consultants, or Transportation), you must request and receive an amendment from the NEF Grants Administrator before requesting payment. The total amount received may not exceed the total grant awarded.

AS OF THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR ALL REQUESTS MUST BE PROCESSED THRU OUR WEBSITE!!!   You may either submit invoices for direct payment by the NEF, or you may submit for reimbursement of costs incurred by you for approved expenses for your grant. Please fill out the appropriate Grant Disbursement Request Form with each disbursement request. Make sure that each form includes your project name, grant ID # and signature. Non-Personnel requests be sure to list in Section F of the form who the check should be made out to, and where it should be mailed.

Please try to consolidate costs on Small Grants so that no more than 3 forms are sent for the entire grant duration. Keep in mind that disbursements are made on a periodic basis, as all our administrative work is done by volunteer board members. Allow 4-8 weeks as the average time frame for reimbursements to be received for all submissions except school department employees.  The NEF will forward all wage requests for payment directly to the Northampton Public Schools. Wages will be disbursed roughly 4 times a year. Wages will be paid thru your regular paycheck and all deductions will be taken out. Please see the NEF Example Payment Schedule below it is non-binding schedule of when wages are paid. Your grant ends on June 30, 2016. That means that no expenses for your project can be incurred after that date. All requests for payments should be made by August 15, 2016.

Please contact NEF Grants Administrator, Jason Berg, at jasond413@comcastnet with any questions. You will be answered as quickly as possible.

Filling out Grant Disbursement Request Forms online –


A. Personnel: Personnel Disbursement Request form:

1. School Department Employees: Once grant hours are completed, for each School Employee for whom reimbursement is requested, please note their name, hours worked, and total cost. Grant Hours for teachers will be reimbursed on the following schedule. Please try to limit requests to one each quarter.

2. Substitute Teachers: When arrangements are made for the School Department to pay substitutes directly, please enclose a copy of the School Department requisition for payment with your request form.


  Example – Payment Schedule for NEF Grant Work: 2016-2017

Date Requests Are Due to NEF

Payroll Date

Sept 25, 2019

2-3 Weeks TBD

, Jan 9, 2020

2-3 Weeks TBD

March 18,2020

2-3 Weeks TBD

Aug 15 2020

2-3 Weeks TBD

         B. Non-Personnel: Non-Personnel Disbursement Request form

  1. Consultants: Once grant hours are completed, include an Invoice with name, date(s) of service, hours, rate and total cost for each consultant. Grantees must submit an IRS Form W-9 completed by each consultant.
  2. Transportation Costs: Include payment invoice and receipts for travel reimbursement.
    A) All Bussing must go thru the to do this you may use a Purchase Requisition Form from the NPS Business Office.  Please submit it Signed by your Supervisor and with a proper NEF Disbursement Form.           
  3. Supplies/Materials: Direct payment by NEF can sometimes be made for supplies ordered from local vendors or on-line suppliers. Include all paperwork and order forms with your Non-Personnel Grant Disbursement Request Form, and NEF will make a check out directly to the supplier. If payments for supplies/materials are made by the grantee, retain all receipts and include receipt copies with Non-Personnel Grant Disbursement Request Form, and submit for reimbursement. Receipts must be scanned. Please do not send Photos of your receipts.
  4. If your Supplies are for Over $500 you may use a Purchase Requisition Form from the NPS Business Office.  Please submit it Signed by your Supervisor and with a properly filled out NEF NON-Personnel Disbursement Form.                                   
  5. Printing and Postage: If direct payment is made by the grantee, please retain all receipts and include receipt copies with Grant Disbursement Request Form when you submit for reimbursement.
  6. Other: must have documentation.
    C. Total Disbursements Requested: Total up all the disbursements requested on each Non-Personnel Grant Disbursement Request Form.
    D. Check Disbursements: List each person/supplier to whom check should be issued, and the amount of the check. Be sure to give address where check should be mailed.


Jason Berg

Submissions must be made online to be accepted.  Your submission has been received when you receive a confirmation e-mail.