NPS Purchase Requisition Instructions

NEF GRANTS – General Info For Purchase Requisition Forms

NEF is separate from the School Dept, so we are not directly involved in their grants and their processes. However, in order to comply with some laws and regulations and to try and avoid teachers needing to output a large sum of money and have to wait for reimbursement, the following processes have been worked out between the School Dept and NEF:


In order to make sure that tax withholding is done and to provide worker’s comp coverage to staff, any staff member being paid thru an NEF grant will have the check issued thru the School Dept/City.  NEF has pay forms and timelines that they establish. Once they approve payroll against a grant, they forward the information to the School Business Office so that we can submit it to the City for payment. The payment gets added to your regular paycheck but will be identified on the stub as NEF payment.

Purchases of $500 or more:

In order for an employee to avoid paying for a large purchase and then waiting for reimbursement, the School Dept has agreed to issue purchase orders to the vendors for orders of $500 or more, and to have NEF transfer the monies to the School Dept to pay the bill after delivery. The process to be used for these large orders is as follows:

1. The grantee puts together a school district purchase requisition and emails it to Jason Berg for approval and agreement to reimburse the district. Please put the NEF Grant number in the upper right corner of the requisition so that NEFcan match your request an approved grant.

2. If Jason approves, he forwards the email with the requisition to Candice Walczak in the School Business Office (if not approved for any reason, Jason will return to the requestor)

3. The Business Office will issue a school dept purchase order to the vendor to order the goods or services.

4. Once the goods or services are rec’d and an invoice is rec’d, the Business Office will send a copy of the invoice to Jason. NEF will issue a check to the School Dept. for the amount of the invoice.

5. The School Dept will pay the invoice on it’s next bill warrant from the NEF Gift Acct, even if the NEF monies have not yet arrived.

Purchases under $500:

These purchases will remain as they have been done in the past. The grantee must pay out of pocket and submit receipts for reimbursement, or ask the PTO to pay and submit receipts for reimbursement.  NEF is responsible for determining what they will accept for receipts, which could be different than what the school dept can accept, so please be sure to be in contact with your NEF rep as you proceed with your project.