Small Grant Application – Spring 2023

The mission of the NEF is to fund projects and programs that expand educational opportunities, foster creativity, and enhance academic experiences in Northampton’s public schools.

We believe education is one of the most effective ways to make a sustained and lasting difference in attitudes toward race in our community and in our nation. The content and quality of that education matters, as does the effort to make it accessible to students regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

We will continue to direct resources towards the public schools that facilitate creative approaches to learning and respond to the current and challenging situation our students and staff face. This fall, in addition to our general guidelines, we are particularly interested in projects that respond to the moment we are in. We welcome proposals that address:

  • Equity: in content and access
  • Racial/social justice
  • Responding to the current learning situation:
    • online or social distance learning in the classroom
    • social/emotional needs of students

Your proposal will be judged based on how well you have responded to the requirements above and below, and how clearly you have responded to application questions.

Proposal Criteria

  1. Proposals should describe projects that will benefit the students and/or educators of the Northampton School District.
  2. Grant applications are accepted from teachers and administrators in the Northampton public school system, including Smith Vocational School. If sponsored by a teacher or administrator, projects may be initiated by parents, community members, students and/or local organizations and undertaken in collaboration with a teacher or administrator.
  3. Proposals should represent ideas and approaches for achieving the Northampton School District’s general curricular goals. However, project proposals should not include activities that fall under the district’s direct responsibility.
  4. The overall goal of the small grants is to improve student learning or the student experience in the schools. This can be achieved through: 1) new programs, projects, or activities in a classroom, school, or as a field trip; 2) teaching skills in content areas not normally taught by the schools; 3) creating professional development programs or opportunities for teachers; or 4) preparing new materials and curriculum.
  5. Although not required, projects are considered stronger that: 1) enhance links within the school, across schools, and/or with the schools and the larger community; 2) have an impact that will last beyond the time period that the grant is being funded; 3) offer something new, exciting, innovative, fresh, and/or creative to the learning process and/or the student experience; and/or 4) meets an important need or solves a particular problem that needs to addressed in the schools.
  6. What we do not fund: The Northampton Education Foundation, under this grant program, will not fund proposals that are exclusively requests for books or materials, technology upgrades, or teacher in-service training. These types of expenses, however, may be incurred when they are a critical part of a proposed new or expanding project that enhances teaching and learning. Please contact Dale Melcher (, the chair of the NEF Small Grants Committee, if you have questions.
  7. If consultants are used, their resumes or Curriculum Vitae must be attached to the proposal.
  8. Please also see our Small Grants FAQ page for more information.

Budget Criteria

  1. Small grants are available for up to $3,000/year. You may reapply for grants in following years, up to three years and be eligible each year for full funding. Grants submitted jointly and involving a collaboration by two or more schools (e.g. a project involving teachers and/or students from JFK Middle School and Leeds Elementary School working together to create or implement a project) will be eligible for up to $5000/year. Please note: a program being offered at more than one school but not involving a collaboration between or among the schools would not qualify for the larger grant.
  2. Grant monies may be used to pay costs such as: stipends for teachers, grant administration time (up to 8 hours), substitute teachers, consultants, travel to professional meetings or research sites, materials, subscriptions, duplicating, postage, and supplies directly related to the proposal. Books, materials, technology upgrades and teacher training are allowed as part of a larger project to enhance teaching and learning, as mentioned above in the Criteria section. Point 6. The budget must be clear and spending justified.
  3. Explain non-NEF contributions to the project, if any, whether monetary (other grants or donations) or non-monetary (“in-kind”) contributions. In-kind contributions include volunteer time and donated materials. Precise monetary value of in-kind contributions need not be included.


Repeat Grant Requests:

  1. Repeat grant requests must include  the most recent project report. If the original grant is not yet over, please include a project update on the application form.
  2. End-of-grant reports should be submitted online via this End of Grant Report link. If no report has yet been required, please submit a brief summary of how the current year is progressing.
  3. Repeat grant requests are considered stronger when they expand upon or add something new to the previous proposal and/or incorporate lessons from the previous year.


We are now accepting applications for projects beginning after July 1 2023 and ending by August 31 2024.

The application is due April 16th by the end of the day. PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t it means your application was not submitted. Please review it or contact Dale Melcher,

Small Grants Form SPRING 2023

    Please check all that apply.
  • Project Lead Contact

  • Check all that apply.
  • Other Project Members:

  • Detailed Proposal Information

  • If this project requires the participation of other staff, please list all staff who have already agreed to be a part of this project.
  • Budget Form


    1. School Department Employees @ $35/ hour (or $140/day for a 4- hour, non-school working day).
  • B. Grant Administration Time

    Rate of $30 per hour. Limit of 8 hours total.

  • C. Substitute Teachers (if needed)

    Rate of $120 per day

  • D. Consultant Fees

  • Drop files here or

  • E. Transportation Costs:

  • F. SUPPLIES (Items, suppliers, and cost/item).

    List each item & cost, and for large purchases, the supplier if known.

  • G. Printing & Postage



  • J. Budget Notes

  • Confirmation of Application Received:

    Upon submitting your application you will receive an email confirmation to the project lead's email address. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL please make sure you have completed all required fields and resubmit. Please contact with any concerns or questions.