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By providing outstanding education to children of all backgrounds and income levels, Northampton public schools prepare students to become informed citizens who go on to top colleges, fulfilling careers, and rewarding lives. Excellent public schools strengthen neighborhoods, raise property values, and foster civic pride.

The actual cost of educating Northampton students greatly exceeds the funding provided by taxes, and schools are forced to work within shrinking budgets. Both in Northampton and nationally, public schools face mounting challenges.

How To Apply

The application process for each fund type may differ, but filling out the correct online form will help streamline the process.


Locate the appropriate form you wish to submit a funding application for. All forms are listed below.


Complete the online form. If you have any questions about the forms, please contact us here.


Application processing time may vary. Please view our deadlines for more information.

Application Forms

Small Grant Application

NEF accepts Small Grants proposals through our online-fillable application form. Please be sure to read the program guidelines before filling out the application.

Endowment Fund

A proposal may be submitted by any group or individual with demonstrated support from school personnel. Grants may be 1-3 years in duration.

Disbursement / Fund Requests

NEF Non-Personnel Disbursement Form

Use this form to: request reimbursement for expenses, payments to consultants, make a purchase through the Northampton Public School Business Office, arrange busing, pay substitute teachers, or arrange direct payment to a local vendor.

Click here for instructions on this form.

NEF Personnel Disbursement Form

Use this form to request payment to Northampton Public School teachers and staff who have worked on your grant.

Click here for instructions on this form.

Northampton Public Schools Purchase Requisition Form

Use this form, along with an NEF Non-Personnel Disbursement form, to make a purchase through the Northampton Public School Business Office, arrange busing, or pay substitute teachers.

Click here for instructions on this form.

SOS Book Fund Request Form

Use this form to request SOS Book Fund funding for your school.

W-9 Form

Consultants on your grant must submit an IRS W-9 form.

Please do not upload W-9s containing Social Security Numbers to the disbursement form or send them via email, since this is a significant security risk. Send them by U.S. mail to NEF at P.O. Box 44, Northampton, MA 01061, attn: Grant Administrator. W-9s with Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) rather than SSNs are safe to upload or email, as EINs are public information.

Reports / Follow-ups

Grant Photo/Video Sharing

Please share your photos and video with NEF here.

End-of-Grant Report

Grantees share the results, impact, and evaluation of their NEF grant-funded project.

Showcase Event

Northampton Education Foundation's annual spring showcase is an opportunity for the community to see the innovative work educators have done to enhance education in Northampton.


The NEF Endowment provides a permanent source of educational funding to support learning and educational enrichment across our district. It is an invaluable resource for Northampton’s public schools, and I am proud to count myself among both its founders and investors.

Mayor David J. Narkewicz

NEF has contributed more than $100,000 this school year to projects happening in classrooms throughout the district. With their support, we have been able to provide students with learning experiences that enhance their understanding of the environment, the arts, and technology, and that strengthen their connections to the local community.

Dr. John Provost, Superintendent, Northampton Public Schools

The NEF Endowment is critical to the Northampton Public Schools in our efforts to bring profound innovation, enrichment, and change in our mission to educate all our students.

Gwen Agna, Principal, Jackson Street School

As a teacher and advisor to a variety of clubs, teams, and organizations, I am profoundly grateful for the role the NEF Endowment has played in offering my students ways to further improve their education beyond the walls of the classroom. From 3D modeling boot camps to media production workshops, NEF provides my students the opportunity to learn and grow in meaningful and creative ways.

Jeromie Whalen, Technology Teacher, Northampton High School

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